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ColorJet shows METRO with 16 Kyocera Heads at ITMA ASIA, Shanghai, China

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ColorJet India Ltd, the largest Indian manufacturer of wide format digital printers in India, showcasing the Finest Textile Solutions at ITMA ASIA, Shanghai, China 2018 starts from 15-19, October, 2018. Visit the Colorjet's booth at Hall No-5, Booth-A20 and experience how Colorjet's Digital Textile Printing Solution is a perfect fit for various fabrics.

ITMA ASIA is a one of a kind shows that derives its focus from the huge and consistently evolving Digital Textile Printing Industry across the world. Looking at the growth of Digital Textile Printing Industry, this year Colorjet is displaying the latest technology Textile products METRO and FABJET GRAND on this platform.

THE METRO from Colorjet is an excellent example of applying Indian ingenuity to technology that anyone can buy at an affordable cost. Some features that set apart the Metro from other printers:

  • Modular concept - The machine is expandable to upto 16 Kyocera heads. Buyers could start with a machine configuration in keeping with their budget and still have the possibility to upgrade at a later date, with full support from Colorjet.
  • Linear motor technology - High speed carriage movement with the help of induced magnetic induction enables precise jetting for accurate printing.
  • Smaller carbon footprint - the Belt washing system has provision for water recirculation through filter instead of flow through. Even if the water has to be changed 4 times a day, it is a fraction of what would be required in case of continuous flow-through arrangement. Customers report significantly lower energy and water consumption on Colorjet machines.
  • Fabric feed system - There is a separate fabric feed arrangement that can also combine with a fabric roll correction system from third party suppliers. This might be needed by some users who have difficulty in producing fabric rolls without weft skew or bowing.
  • Separate winding module - Path of printed fabric is such that there is a dwell period between print head and infrared dryers so that the printed fabric has already lost a little moisture before it is subjected to infra-red drying. This enables high speed printing at the rate of upto 360 m2/hour

The high-performance printer METRO with Lower energy and water consumption, make it a cutting-edge Textile Printer in the extraordinary evolution of printing technologies used in the Textile Industry. Colorjet Printers use the highest standard of aluminium and CNC that creates every part to ensure extreme dimensional accuracy and performance.

The Metro printer weaves magic on a variety of fabrics. It is compatible to work with all types of inks like disperse, reactive, acid and pigment. It is built to meet diverse application needs of the customers. With such benefits and advantages of METRO, Colorjet also ensures that digital textile printing can be achieved at affordable cost and in a shorter time.

Colorjet has assiduously pursued excellence in digital printing since 2004. A world recognised brand, Colorjet is the largest manufacturer of wide format digital inkjet printing machines in India and over 4000 machines are in operation around the world, across India, Middle East, Australia & Europe. Today, ColorJet maintains its No.1 position in India as per latest IDC 2018 Q1 Super wide report.

Visit ColorJet's booth at Hall No-5, Booth-A20, to learn how ColorJet's Digital Textile Printing Solutions are a perfect fit for your textile printing business.