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Colorjet creates home environment at Heimtextil India

2017-06-21 | Share on :

Colorjet India Ltd has created a home environment at its stall at the ongoing Heimtextil 2017 exhibition in New Delhi. Products on display at the company's booth include bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, table covers and more. The fabrics used in these applications have been printed on Colorjet's recently launched TXF digital textile printer.
Colorjet is offering live demonstrations of home textile printing using its TXF printer at the fair. The company's stall displays a homely atmosphere due to the varied and multi-coloured fabrics on display. On show are chairs, sofas and tables draped in colourful fabrics printed on the TXF.
"We have introduced the TXF digital textile printer, primarily for home textile applications and fashion designers. The TXF can print on all types of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, silk, viscose, rayon or wool," said Smarth Bansal, senior product manager at Colorjet India.
"This has been made possible since the printer is apt for printing with pigment ink which opens huge avenues for different home textile applications," added Bansal.
"The TXF printer which is equipped with Epson printheads gives variable dot control for achieving smooth gradations and is also belt driven, which makes it suitable for printing fabrics including bulky textured materials, thinner fabrics and also stretchable fabric materials such as knits."
The TXF is also available to work with reactive inks for printing onto natural fabrics and also disperse inks for printing onto polyester fabrics. The printer offers speeds of up to 24 square metres per hour with pigment inks. It can achieve print resolutions of up to 1,440 dpi. (KD)

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