ITMA 2019

Release the Vulcan: world premiere at VI

2017-10-11 | Share on :

It was touch and go there for a few days last week but customs finally released the giant new 5m Colorjet Vulcan LED UV printer just in time for its world premiere at Visual Impact 2017 in Sydney.
"The shipment from Colorjet in India arrived last Friday but it was stuck in customs and we actually thought we weren't going to get it here in time," says Stephen Cumming, marketing manager at Jetmark, which is featuring the impressive new grand format roll-to-roll machine on its stand (G16) at VI Sydney.
"It was a little stressful because it's one of those things where containers come off a ship and you don't know whether yours is at the bottom of the stack or the top of the stack and whether all the paperwork has been approved and stamped, then the bio-security checks need to be completed. On the Thursday night before the show we thought we weren't going to get it. But we did!" Read more »